French A La Carte ®

School of French

Past students of French A La Carte have participated in the following programs:


French is Fun


At your home for homeschoolers: French is Fun is a year-round six-week program that teaches young children (starting age 8) the basics of French through songs, games, stories, and crafts. Each class lasts 45 minutes.


At your library: This program has been approved by the Connecticut Library Consortium and is offered upon request in your local library, at no cost for the participants. The course consists of a one hour session, that give young children the opportunity to be exposed to basic French language.



Let us explore French Art


A journey through the lives and masterpieces of some famous French painters (for children starting age 9 or adults).


French for Travelers


Tailored courses are offered on focused topics needed when traveling in Francophone countries. This includes how to introduce oneself, how to get around the city and ask for directions, and how to make hotel and restaurant reservations, along with much more.



Book Groups


This program is offered in three group categories: advanced high school, college and adult students. It consists of six 2-hour sessions per semester. Members of the groups will read a novel written by a French author and will be assigned a section of the book to present. After presentations, the students will go above and beyond simple conversations, by addressing themes found in the work.

Remedial French

For middle, high school or college students who struggle in their French class. All levels.